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VOID OV VOID was formed by TETRA TANIZAKI and RAI in 1997, and its word, VOID is derived from the Heart Sutra. This unit is based on organic electlonica and spoken words created by nature sounds and ambience recorded all over the world and the sounds of acoustic instruments. They met in the party of the environmental protection for the first time, since then, started playing music for the ecology movement and rave scene of Japan.


Tetra Tanizaki
Born in 1964. He is an Ambient DJ and Track maker, based on nature sound which he had been recording at sacred place in India, Africa, South America and etc. He started avant-garde style music unit such as MOZARTE惻JUGEND and PBC while he was a student of Osaka University Of Arts in 1983. Released Collaboration works with Timothy Leary('91), and psychedelic scientist John.C.Lilly('92) from Silent Record in California. He worked on the movie soundtrack of "LOVERS LOVER" directed by Shozin Fukui in 1994. Organized Mu-tanz in 2004. He is also a deep ecologist and novelist.

Born in 1980 and started her career of modeling when she was 13 years old. She was familiar with Japanese old poetry with a fixed form and Chinese poetry and has been composing poems from young, also learned the classic music from playing the piano. She was interested in environmental protection when she was a high school student, participated in some NPOs.
Playing the accordion and acoustic guitar.